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The color to balance your energies in January, Red

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments


If you think of the traditional birthstone for January a beautiful dark red garnet comes to mind. In many ways, garnet and the color red help balance the cold dry weather we experience in the thick of winter. 

There are many amazing gemstones that can balance the energies of this cold winter season. A few of my favorite are red garnet, red jasper, and rose quartz. Garnets are uplifting with their bright or deep red color. They can purify, motivate, and energize. Garnets encourage success in friendships and careers. Who doesn't need motivation and a good friend in the cold months of winter!?! I sure do!

Red Jasper is another beautiful stone with lighter red-orange coloring and crackled with white, brown, or black. All forms of Jasper help balance the energies of the body. Red Jasper is a protective stone that instills courage and personal independence. It's also energizing to the body like garnet. Red jasper can instill calmness to any stressed emotions or feelings of being overworked. This is a nice support to the season because so many of us are drained from the hustle & bustle of the holidays. We could all use a little relaxation come January! I know I need it!  

Winter can bring seasonal depression, this is why the next gemstone, rose quartz, may be my favorite! Rose quartz has been referred to as the stone of love. It is a symbol of universal love, self-appreciating, unconditional love, and bliss. It gives inner peace, instills value, rejuvenates, and opens your heart to receive love. Isn't it true..."All you need is love"! I think the most important lesson rose quartz teaches us is self-love and non-judgemental self-appreciation.

Color therapy's perspective of red inspires passion, motivation, and heart. It invigorates one to move, love, dance, and grow. It is stability and security through all these aspects. What a beautiful color!

Ayurveda translates to the science of life and views each season as a phase in a larger cycle. It is a guide for living with the seasons and keeping yourself balanced, happy, and healthy. In January, we are in the season that has qualities of cold and dry. This means we need to balance with hot and oily. We are more likely to bundle up, sleep in, and hibernate, so we need things that help brighten and motivate us. Don't get me wrong, I love hibernating, taking warm baths, eating warm soups, and sleeping in! This is exactly what our bodies and minds need now, to slow down and nourish while still being motivated.

I decided to create mini collections each month that embodies what we need to balance with each season. The collections will be based on the season or month we are currently in using gemstone symbolism, Ayurveda, and color therapy references. This collection is meant to uplift, inspire, and warm your hearts through the cold winter. It's a reminder of the warm sun on your face, that seasons are phases in life, and to help keep balance through this season, with love!

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A year in review, and a new year to dream big

Posted on January 02, 2017 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments


With the arrival of the new year, I find myself looking back and reaching forward. Every January since I started my business in 2014 I sit down and review the past year, and come up with goals for the new year. These are mainly business goals and some personal goals. When I started thinking not only in review of the year but also to the future I found myself calm, happy, and excited. Isn't that the dream? I thought to myself. 

Looking back to my very first time setting up at a market....


and how much I've learned, changed, and evolved since then. 


It made me think how much we all grow in a year, in a decade, and how much we take for granted what we have, what we've accomplished, what we've learned, how much we have changed, and hopefully all for the better! With the end of this past year, I also had a milestone birthday on Dec.30th I turned 30 years old! I guess I am officially an adult! It's funny how I have felt like an adult for much longer, but manage to act like a silly kid most of the time! Here I am, now 30, with excitement to continue dreaming and growing! 

I am so grateful to be living the ups and downs of this business. The ability to be an artist is amazing! There is so much to learn when stepping into the shoes of a business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, networker, and accomplishing every facet within this small business. With that in mind I am growing, learning, and conquering, (sometimes it can be frustrating and takes a lot longer than I thought!) 

My main personal goals for this year (& always) is to be healthy & happy. My main goals for Dancing Moon is to create more, so keep your eyes out for new designs!

Happy New Year!


I've decided to say no to the bullsh*t and yes to being authentic

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Recently I had one of those days...actually this whole past year has been a struggle and it came to a point where I sat down and wondered what it is I'm doing wrong. My passion to create was distant and I was unmotivated to work, so I tried to figure out the reason why. 

I discovered that I was living my life and moving my business in the direction that everyone else said would work. (ok, not everyone but a lot of the bloggers, small business classes, podcasts, etc.) I valued this information when I first started my business and I began to make the changes suggested. I started using a white background on my jewelry images, I made sure I was using the pricing system for each piece so I could sell wholesale and retail, I picked colors to help create my cohesive brand, and the list goes on. The problem that I ran into with all of this is that I was not being truly authentic to myself and my dreams for Dancing Moon. 

So, I've decided to say NO to the bullsh*t of what every blog says I should do for my business, and say yes to life, my ideas, and start being true to myself! Once I made this decision I not only felt great, but I have a passion to create again! And let me tell you it came back fierce with all sorts of fresh new ideas!

Remember, this world is inspiring because everyone is different, you are unique and amazing just the way you are. I believe that this is true for being the best entrepreneur I can as well. Be authentic, be inspired, be passionate, be creative, and make no excuses to be like someone else because it may get you further ahead in life (whatever that even means?!) If you are living authenticly you are being true to yourself, and nothing can stand in you way!

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Happy Mother's Day

Posted on May 08, 2016 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Mom, you are amazing…I hope you know that!   

My mom is a trailblazer…for real! She is a mother of 5 kids that all turned out great- that's hard work! She is one of the first women to have natural childbirths after having a c-section. Seriously, she was pregnant or with a 1-year-old for 10 years of her life! WOW! Also, she is following her dreams with so much effort and such an inspiration to me.

When she was younger she didn't get the chance to go to college since she was having all us kids! So she decided to start college when we were older. I am the youngest so that just happened to be the same time I started college too. Her dream was to become a nurse and truly nurture & help other in need. She's doing just that now working on the Oncology floor at St. Lukes hospital in Bethlehem, PA.

Also Mom, you are the best, I love how from a very young age I have had so much encouragement to follow my dreams, whatever they may be! And not just that, you taught me that I can't just dream, I have to work hard to accomplish those dreams too! This is great advice that I think of often when days get busy.

I appreciate the person you are in my life so much Mom!

Moms are all amazing, step-moms, adopted moms, mother in laws, new moms, moms to be, mentors, and the list goes on. Appreciate the moms or mentors in your life all of the time & make them feel extra special on Mother's Day! They deserve to know how much you care!

Thank you, Mom, for being my inspiration, my #1 fan, and always encouraging me to do my best and follow my dreams! I love you!

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