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Handmade Jewelry

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Here at Dancing Moon every piece of jewelry you see is handmade jewelry!

It is created by Naomi Martnick in her home studio in Sedona, Arizona. 
Every piece wether it is a one of a kind or a design that is made time and time again is made by hand and in doing this each piece of handmade jewelry holds its own unique qualities. 
Naomi takes pride in the quality of these wearable creations and the metaphysical symbolism that helps uplift the wearer. Each piece of handmade jewelry is carefully planned out and created to value the symbolism of the gemstones and shapes used. The shapes, like spirals, are the centerpiece to help the stones shine thought brightly while also bringing positive energy to the wearer. 
Naomi loves designing new pieces of handmade jewelry with customers and creating custom orders to fit many different styles. Most every piece you see is customizable! She has designed custom handmade jewelry for weddings, special occasions, bridesmaids, birthday gifts, and more. 
Dancing Moon's handmade jewelry is special, there is an important spiritual layer surrounding every design!


Handmade Jewelry Classes!

Posted on June 11, 2018 by Naomi Martnick | 4 Comments

I absolutely LOVE teaching handmade jewelry classes!!!

At the end of this month I'll be teaching classes at The Sedona Arts Center
Check them out here www.sedonaartscenter.org 

The first class I'll be teaching is a night of hand-stamped jewelry making!

You will go home with a necklace and a pair of earrings that YOU MAKE, how cool is that!?!


Here are the details
When: Friday, June 28th, 5-7pm
Where: The Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road
Sign Up Here!


Thats not all....

In July I'll be teaching another handmade jewelry class in wire wrapping at The Sedona Arts Center!!!

This is a 3 day class where you will learn wire wrapping skills to make a sterling silver & gemstone beaded necklace, bracelet, and earrings. You will design & make this yourself and go home with beautifully crafted jewelry to show off!



Here are the details
When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday July 16, 18, 20 from 10am-12pm
Where: Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road
Sign up Here!


Have a fun idea for a class? let me know! 

Hope to see you in class at Sedona Arts Center!

<3 Naomi



Art Festivals!

Posted on April 23, 2018 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

I love setting up at events, selling my handmade jewelry, and meeting the amazing and supportive people who live around me!

I really enjoy connecting with people since most of my time is spent in my studio creating my handmade jewelry. It is a wonderful thing that I have Frank (my adorable studio assistant Pug dog) with me daily! He unfortunately can't make an appearance at the events I do but he sure does help me create the jewelry and take adequate snuggle breaks throughout the day!


Here are the Art Festivals and outdoor events coming up for Dancing Moon!

This weekend I will be at...

Oak Creek Arts & Craft Show
Bell Rock Plaza, Oak Creek Sedona, AZ
More Event Information Here!

This event will be so much fun and close to where I live in Sedona! It takes place Saturday April, 28 and Sunday April 29th from 10am-5pm. There will be a bunch of great artist to see and beautiful Sedona weather!


In May, find me set up at...

Prescott Art and Wine Festival
Prescott, AZ
More Event Information Here!

This will be my first time doing this event and I am very excited to spend some time in Prescott and get to know the area better. The event takes place over Mother's Day! Saturday, May 12th, and Sunday May 13th. So bring your friends, mothers, and have a nice day exploring Prescott and the beautiful art in Arizona. Oh yes, and taste some wine too!

I hope to see you there!

<3 Naomi

Dancing Moon 

Moon Phase Jewelry

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Creating this line of jewelry just seemed so appropriate....I mean my business name is Dancing Moon! 

I have been in awe of the moon, sun, and stars for as long as I can remember.

Laying in the grass, looking up and dreaming. Looking for planets, constellations, and at the moon through a telescope I got my husband for his birthday the first year we were a couple (it's hard to top that gift!) 

Over the past few years, I have been truly trying to live peacefully with the cycles of nature. I've studied Ayurveda & yoga therapy and learned so much more about myself and my cycles through the process. One main overlapping cycle is my moon cycle is synced with the moon's cycle! (my moon cycle is my menses or my period for all those guy readers out there) This is something that in ancient times was just how it was & now it is harder to connect to these energies but so beautiful when you can!

Ayurveda is all about living with the seasons by eating seasonal foods and being aware of the natural pace each season takes.

Yoga to me is a reminder to slow down, tune in, and integrate all that life has to teach us.

These two systems together is health & wellness at its best, diet & exercise with purpose, and it is as gentle or as intense and you need it. I have been learning to tune in more and follow my intuition. 

This includes following your natural flow- waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon to help keep a positive flow of energy throughout each month. 

In my moon phase jewelry collection you'll find subtle positive energies from quartz crystal to clarify, labradorite to help trust your intuition, and garnet for grounding in your root chakra. The garnet is also a beautiful representation of the blood moon and the symbolism behind feminine energies and cycles that are synced to the phases of the moon. (how cool is that!)

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Upcoming Events

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Here is a list of some upcoming events that you can attend in Arizona! It's a great chance to meet me- Naomi, the artist here at Dancing Moon jewelry and to check out other great local artists!

At events I always have one of a kind pieces that aren't available on my website. Its a fun time in the sun, in beautiful Arizona, and a perfect time for me to connect with the community!

The Great Fair-- Fountain Hills, AZ
When: February 23, 24, 25
Time: 10am-5pm daily
Location: 16455 E Avenue Of The Fountains,  Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
More information about the show -- click here!

Tempe Festival of the Arts
When: March 23, 24, 25 
Time: 10am-5:30pm daily
Location: Downtown Tempe, AZ
This is going to be a huge event with 350 artists from around the country!
I will be at the far end on West 5th street between Maple and Ash St.
Hope to see you there!
More information about the show -- click here!

Sweet to the Soul Boutique
When: April 7th
Time: 9am-4pm
Location: Peoria Sports Complex 
More information about the show -- click here!

Hope to see you at the shows!

<3 Naomi

The lifestyle of an artist

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

The lifestyle of an artist....is about living in the moment, flowing with nature, and intuitively and passionately creating in order to get into that "zone" - your meditative creative bliss. I would never describe myself as having an addictive personality, but if there were one thing, it would be creating art...because to me it is what life is all about. When I create something and get into that "zone" there is silence, there is intuitive motions and thoughts that flow in effortlessly, and there is a calm but exciting feeling inside- bliss!

What is your bliss? What is that one thing in life that helps you bring joy into your soul? For me, it is being an artist. 

Another facet in the artist lifestyle is that the tide comes in and flows out regularly. It is a lifestyle of many variables but a single constant of happiness. In a world so linear the path of the artist looks more like a winding spiral road that you can't see very far ahead, but you are always looking up and waiting to see what beauty is behind the next cliffs corner. 

A very important part of my artistry lifestyle is to stay balanced though practices of self care through yoga for the spirit and mind, ayurveda for the body, and overall kindness for self and reflected to all.

I love sharing gemstones with others and had a very beautiful encounter this past weekend at an event. A woman came into my booth and was very kind while looking around, complimenting my work and talking more about gemstones with me- we figured out in our conversation that our birthdays were both coming up and they are only a day apart! I immediately felt lead to give her a tumble rose quartz gemstone. When I handed her the stone and said "this is for you! happiest birthday to you!" she beamed with light and smiled sincerely to me. She began to tell me of a time in her life when everything was falling apart- she was going though a divorce, finding and figuring out life again after a long marriage, and completely devastated. She explained how one night she was so down and she was sobbing in bed. She kept a rose quartz stone on her night stand and she grabbed it and held it close to her. The gemstone got so hot she had to set it down. She asked me- "What was that? I've always wondered". I explained to her that in my personal experience and from what I have learned - gemstones take our negative energies and transform them into something for us, in the case of rose quartz it was helping you love yourself again, and creating opportunity for your heart to heal. These words flowed out of my mouth with such certainty  because I have experienced this before. She immediately smiled and began to tear up- happy tears, a positive release. She thanked me and floated out of my booth looking lighter. 

Experiences like this are magical, and happen with ease in an artist lifestyle if you are in that "zone" of your bliss often you can tap into it even when not creating. It gives you the opportunity to touch peoples lives and remind them that they are amazing, and infinity cared for exactly how they are. 

No matter what lifestyle you have, weather you are working 9-5 at a job you love, raising beautiful children, caring for others, or still in the process of figuring out what that thing is that makes your spirit soar....remember, be kind to yourself and others- take good care. 

I find with this the best way for me is to live a life from a yogic mindset. Great each day with new eyes, leave your judgements and ego behind, practice seeing the world and everything you come into contact with - with a calm and open mind, spread your inner light to others on their journey. I believe we are here each for special reasons but all geared towards the greater good of the collective growth.



Is it really December already?

Posted on December 02, 2017 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Time just flies by....

Can you believe it's already December 2017?! Wow - I can barely believe it. It seems like it was just recently we were moving out of our house in Portland, OR - like just recently we spent a whole month on the Oregon Coast - like yesterday we found out we were moving to Sedona AZ! Like just the other day we had no "responsibilities" except take an adventure road trip while we moved to our new home. 

I guess when things happen fast life moves fast too. I try to take pause as often as I can and really be "in the moment" But wow - this year! The year of my 30's began - and what a transformational time it has been. 

This month we are SO busy but it doesn't feel like December for a few reasons....

1 - we live in the high desert of Sedona and its much warmer and sunnier out than we are used to from Portland OR and before that from PA! I am loving it! (not trying to brag but you can always come visit!)

2 - we are living away from all friends & family (working on the friends part!)

3 - we are so busy with Brett adjusting to his new full time plus work schedule and me working on Dancing Moon! I'm preparing for a show coming up next weekend, sending jewelry re-stock goodies to shops for the holidays, shipping out online orders for holiday gifts, and making SO much jewelry. Its fun, but busy. 

I guess this time of year has mostly always been busy since before I started my business - Dancing Moon - I worked in retail! (I still choose to not leave the house on Black Friday)

So as time speeds up and the excitement of the holiday's surround us all. Lets try an remember to take pause, to take care of ourselves, and to find time and space to relax. 

Happy Holidays from Dancing Moon 
and a special thanks to all who are shopping small business this holiday - you help us grow and we TRULY appreciate that wholeheartedly!!!

<3 Naomi

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