Happy Mother's Day

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Mom, you are amazing…I hope you know that!   

My mom is a trailblazer…for real! She is a mother of 5 kids that all turned out great- that's hard work! She is one of the first women to have natural childbirths after having a c-section. Seriously, she was pregnant or with a 1-year-old for 10 years of her life! WOW! Also, she is following her dreams with so much effort and such an inspiration to me.

When she was younger she didn't get the chance to go to college since she was having all us kids! So she decided to start college when we were older. I am the youngest so that just happened to be the same time I started college too. Her dream was to become a nurse and truly nurture & help other in need. She's doing just that now working on the Oncology floor at St. Lukes hospital in Bethlehem, PA.

Also Mom, you are the best, I love how from a very young age I have had so much encouragement to follow my dreams, whatever they may be! And not just that, you taught me that I can't just dream, I have to work hard to accomplish those dreams too! This is great advice that I think of often when days get busy.

I appreciate the person you are in my life so much Mom!

Moms are all amazing, step-moms, adopted moms, mother in laws, new moms, moms to be, mentors, and the list goes on. Appreciate the moms or mentors in your life all of the time & make them feel extra special on Mother's Day! They deserve to know how much you care!

Thank you, Mom, for being my inspiration, my #1 fan, and always encouraging me to do my best and follow my dreams! I love you!

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