A year in review, and a new year to dream big

Posted on January 02, 2017 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments


With the arrival of the new year, I find myself looking back and reaching forward. Every January since I started my business in 2014 I sit down and review the past year, and come up with goals for the new year. These are mainly business goals and some personal goals. When I started thinking not only in review of the year but also to the future I found myself calm, happy, and excited. Isn't that the dream? I thought to myself. 

Looking back to my very first time setting up at a market....


and how much I've learned, changed, and evolved since then. 


It made me think how much we all grow in a year, in a decade, and how much we take for granted what we have, what we've accomplished, what we've learned, how much we have changed, and hopefully all for the better! With the end of this past year, I also had a milestone birthday on Dec.30th I turned 30 years old! I guess I am officially an adult! It's funny how I have felt like an adult for much longer, but manage to act like a silly kid most of the time! Here I am, now 30, with excitement to continue dreaming and growing! 

I am so grateful to be living the ups and downs of this business. The ability to be an artist is amazing! There is so much to learn when stepping into the shoes of a business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, networker, and accomplishing every facet within this small business. With that in mind I am growing, learning, and conquering, (sometimes it can be frustrating and takes a lot longer than I thought!) 

My main personal goals for this year (& always) is to be healthy & happy. My main goals for Dancing Moon is to create more, so keep your eyes out for new designs!

Happy New Year!


The color to balance your energies in January, Red

I've decided to say no to the bullsh*t and yes to being authentic

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