I've decided to say no to the bullsh*t and yes to being authentic

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Naomi Martnick | 0 Comments

Recently I had one of those days...actually this whole past year has been a struggle and it came to a point where I sat down and wondered what it is I'm doing wrong. My passion to create was distant and I was unmotivated to work, so I tried to figure out the reason why. 

I discovered that I was living my life and moving my business in the direction that everyone else said would work. (ok, not everyone but a lot of the bloggers, small business classes, podcasts, etc.) I valued this information when I first started my business and I began to make the changes suggested. I started using a white background on my jewelry images, I made sure I was using the pricing system for each piece so I could sell wholesale and retail, I picked colors to help create my cohesive brand, and the list goes on. The problem that I ran into with all of this is that I was not being truly authentic to myself and my dreams for Dancing Moon. 

So, I've decided to say NO to the bullsh*t of what every blog says I should do for my business, and say yes to life, my ideas, and start being true to myself! Once I made this decision I not only felt great, but I have a passion to create again! And let me tell you it came back fierce with all sorts of fresh new ideas!

Remember, this world is inspiring because everyone is different, you are unique and amazing just the way you are. I believe that this is true for being the best entrepreneur I can as well. Be authentic, be inspired, be passionate, be creative, and make no excuses to be like someone else because it may get you further ahead in life (whatever that even means?!) If you are living authenticly you are being true to yourself, and nothing can stand in you way!

My newest collection with this theme in mind is adding handmade dreamcatchers!
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Today is a supermoon! Check out this line inspired by the phases of the moon!

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