Are you an everyday goddess? Check this out!

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Are you living your life's purpose, working hard at something you love, enjoying the people around you, growing in spirituality any way you can and never giving up? Well my friend, you are an everyday goddess. Want to empower your inner goddess with intuition and strength? I have just the jewelry to help you express that beautiful spiritual side of yourself!

This new collection is made using raw copper. Copper in ancient alchemy is a symbol of the planet Venus and connected to feminine energy. It radiates beauty, powerful goddess energy, and creativity. 

The phases of the moon are represented in this copper goddess collection. The moon phases are a reminder of cycles in life, like the menstrual cycle of a women matches up with the moon, it helps remind us to listen to our intuition and have strength in our power! Copper also helps you better absorb iron, how cool is that!

Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Turquoise, Amazonite, and blue Magnesite are the gemstones used with copper wire and hammered moon shapes. These gemstones are so great, here are some of the symbolisms...

Lapis Lazuli- a symbol of truth, clarity, and communication, protects ones energy, connected to the throat chakra in the expression of speaking ones truth with confidence

Sodalite- rational mind conclusions, provides fellowship with others, and a deep but rational ability to evaluate ones own emotions

Turquoise- creative and intuitive, brings alignment while allowing love to shine brightly in all circumstances, brings emotional communication to clear expression.

Amazonite- ability to hear and trust ones intuition, brings hope, tranquility like watching ocean waves, inner self-awareness, a stronger connection to dreams

Blue Magnesite- Calming stone of awareness, motivates and brings attention to fruition of life's path, grounding while creating a clear mind of awareness.

What beautiful metaphysical properties to empower you inner goddess!

Check out the Copper Goddess Collection here!


One thing to note if you are new to gemstone symbolism or metaphysical properties....try and think of it at first as setting a positive intention. These gemstones hold vibrations to bring you closer to your awakened spiritual self in whatever you practice! It is a clear way to remind ourselves daily to set positive intentions, and with these specific gemstone metaphysical meanings it helps us live our purpose with a beautiful reminder of where we want our thoughts and energy to grow!


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