Finding balance during transition

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Life always has times of transition, whether they are small or big. Change is a beautiful thing and always comes with great learning and reward if you know how to ride the wave! So how can you find balance during transitions in life?
I am in a time of transition right now, and I have been since June! While it is very exciting, it can be overwhelming. 

The end of June my husband and I moved out of the house we've been renting for 4 years! Wow, I didn't realize how much "stuff" we accumulated. It felt so nice once we were able to shed some of that extra "stuff" but the process of selling a million things, while he was finishing graduating school, boxing up and moving, what a doozie! We didn't just move once, we had to move our "stuff" multiple times before we settled down in a new apartment. So, we were without a permanent home for a few months.... something many people never face in life.

The amazing part is we got to travel, explore, grow, dream, and move to a new state that is breathtakingly beautiful. The down side is we know no one where we now live, so we are starting at square one in a lot of ways. I am happily doing all of this with my husband Brett and our pug Frank so that is a huge plus! This also isn't our first time starting over, we did this in 2012 when we moved from Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon.

I remember when we were first deciding to move to Portland, OR, from Allentown, PA- leaving both of our families, not knowing anyone, taking a chance to grow and learn. We did just that, and we are both ready for this move even though it is bittersweet! We left so many friends that have become like family in Portland. This feeling makes me even more excited to build lasting relationships here in Sedona, Arizona. 

In July, we were on the beautiful Oregon coast, what an amazing time. I was dreaming, working on my business Dancing Moon, walking on the beach daily, and soaking it all in! Brett was studying for his board exams to become a licensed Naturopathic Physician. And Frank, (our pug) was enjoying running on the beach while trying to avoid the water, and napping often. 

In the midst of transition and uprooting your life, you learn so much about yourself, your relationship, and how to really roll with it! We were in Portland, OR for five years and have really made some amazing lifelong friends while we both learned skills for this new exciting time in our lives.

In August, we stayed with our amazing friends (basically family) in Portland. I stayed the whole month of August and helped them get the house ready to be rented. It was fun to paint, hang out, and see the house transform. My mom also came to visit and we got to go see the total solar eclipse in McMinnville Oregon! It was AMAZING! Brett stayed half the month & then went to a live-in healing center called True North in Santa Rosa, CA. He was there working as an intern and training for his job in Sedona. 

In September, I went to join Brett at True North for two weeks. What an amazing place where people are learning key lifestyle changes in order to take care of themselves! It was a great experience. The second part of September we went to visit family in Pennsylvania! That was long overdue and we had a fantastic time getting to see everyone! Frank also came with us this trip and he absolutely loved it! While there we also got to visit Cape Cod for a few days, what a beautiful place!

In October, we arrived back in Portland for just a few days, packed up our cars & started our road trip to Sedona, Arizona! We decided to hustle on our trip because we hadn't yet found a place to live. All signs where pointing towards us having to be IN Sedona in order to snag a place. (A post about our road trip is coming soon...)
We arrived in Sedona & camped at a place just outside of town. We decided to book the spot for two nights, not knowing how long we would really need to stay there. There were 4 apartments that were available online that we wanted to get a closer look at. So we did! We had an appointment with three, then one appointment fell through because more work needed to be done to the place.

So, we looked at a apartment that was fully furnished in an ideal spot in Uptown Sedona, went to an apartment complex about 15mins outside of town, & drove by the other two and peeked in the windows. We made a decision & called them to snag it! Then we signed a lease the next day & moved in! We only needed our two nights stay at that campground, and since we picked the fully furnished place we had a bed to sleep on, a couch, kitchen table, everything!

Then our "stuff" arrived in Flagstaff & we had to go pick it up. It was nice living simply with few things for months we asked ourselves...what do we have in those boxes? Do we even need any of it? It was a struggle getting though boxes, most were packed in a hurry, & needless to say it didn't all "fit" in the apartment. We made a few runs to the Goodwill - I think they now recognize us. So, shedding more "stuff" was what we had to do. 

So, whats next? 

Brett started his job working as a Naturopathic Physician at the Sedona Wellness Retreat this week! I am so proud of him for securing a residency at a place that resonates with his values as a Doctor. 

As for me, I have been working on my business, Dancing Moon! I am now set up in this great shop in town called the Sedona Artist Market! I also got accepted to a huge show this Spring, the Tempe Festival of the Arts! I'm excited to get my desk set up and start making more jewelry! I'll be officially establishing my business here in a new state, which will be challenging at first but I have some great help through SCORE. 

I'm also going to start teaching Ayurveda & yoga! I am a certified Ayurvedic Consultant and Yoga Teacher. I am really looking forward to this, sharing my knowledge with others and connecting with the community! This dream is not yet a reality, I am trusting in diving timing and living my passion in the meantime.

So, finding balance in transition? It is a difficult thing to do but after transitioning so many times in life in so many big ways I think I'm beginning to be aware of it. There are many things you can try & do - like keep a routine, journal, yoga, meditation, eat right....but it is difficult. I guess one thing is to never stop trying, but I think the main thing is TRUST! When life is in upheaval Trust is the balance.

Trust that things will work out if you are truly on your path.

Trust that you will be guided in the right direction if things get hazy. 

Trust in yourself ( its the opposite of doubt :)

Trust in divine timing. Things will fall into place when it is right. Patience is key! All the while make sure you are living and going about life in a positive and uplifting way and accomplishing what you need to be doing. 


Thanks for reading about my journey for the past few months! <3
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