The color to balance your energies in January, Red

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If you think of the traditional birthstone for January a beautiful dark red garnet comes to mind. In many ways, garnet and the color red help balance the cold dry weather we experience in the thick of winter. 

There are many amazing gemstones that can balance the energies of this cold winter season. A few of my favorite are red garnet, red jasper, and rose quartz. Garnets are uplifting with their bright or deep red color. They can purify, motivate, and energize. Garnets encourage success in friendships and careers. Who doesn't need motivation and a good friend in the cold months of winter!?! I sure do!

Red Jasper is another beautiful stone with lighter red-orange coloring and crackled with white, brown, or black. All forms of Jasper help balance the energies of the body. Red Jasper is a protective stone that instills courage and personal independence. It's also energizing to the body like garnet. Red jasper can instill calmness to any stressed emotions or feelings of being overworked. This is a nice support to the season because so many of us are drained from the hustle & bustle of the holidays. We could all use a little relaxation come January! I know I need it!  

Winter can bring seasonal depression, this is why the next gemstone, rose quartz, may be my favorite! Rose quartz has been referred to as the stone of love. It is a symbol of universal love, self-appreciating, unconditional love, and bliss. It gives inner peace, instills value, rejuvenates, and opens your heart to receive love. Isn't it true..."All you need is love"! I think the most important lesson rose quartz teaches us is self-love and non-judgemental self-appreciation.

Color therapy's perspective of red inspires passion, motivation, and heart. It invigorates one to move, love, dance, and grow. It is stability and security through all these aspects. What a beautiful color!

Ayurveda translates to the science of life and views each season as a phase in a larger cycle. It is a guide for living with the seasons and keeping yourself balanced, happy, and healthy. In January, we are in the season that has qualities of cold and dry. This means we need to balance with hot and oily. We are more likely to bundle up, sleep in, and hibernate, so we need things that help brighten and motivate us. Don't get me wrong, I love hibernating, taking warm baths, eating warm soups, and sleeping in! This is exactly what our bodies and minds need now, to slow down and nourish while still being motivated.

I decided to create mini collections each month that embodies what we need to balance with each season. The collections will be based on the season or month we are currently in using gemstone symbolism, Ayurveda, and color therapy references. This collection is meant to uplift, inspire, and warm your hearts through the cold winter. It's a reminder of the warm sun on your face, that seasons are phases in life, and to help keep balance through this season, with love!

Check out the January mini-collection here!

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