About Dancing Moon

You? You right there, reading this? You are amazing, just the way you are. You don’t need us (or anyone else) to tell you that. So this jewelry we’re creating? It’s us doing our part to inspire everyone to remember their worth and chase their dreams. We're doing that too.

Handmade and designed in Sedona Arizona, the jewelry breaks the mold with a focus on expressing  our connection to peace and symbolism. Dancing Moon jewelry and dream catchers are whimsical and create wonder through their focus on the metaphysical properties of gemstones. In a vision to spread love, light, strength, and kindness and remind everyone to tap into these higher vibrations. What started as a jewelry collection dedicated to inspiring others now mirrors the spirit of our incredible customers and, as such, continually inspires us.

Dancing Moon was founded in Portland, OR by Naomi Martnick in April, 2014. Recently in Fall of 2017, moved to Sedona, AZ. Dancing Moon’s unique, uplifting art has already brightened the lives of hundreds of people. These designs can be found in boutiques and catalogs across the United States.

About Naomi the artist

Naomi is a skilled artist passionately devoted to the mission of inspiring others to live their life's passion and never stop dreaming. 

With an eye for design and creativity at a young age, Naomi found herself creating in her free time through drawing, painting, poetry, jewelry making, sewing, and more. Naomi was reminded of her passions in college for Interior Design and taking as many extra art classes she could. Her skills grew in strides over the years and she continued to take classes while developing her craft and a keen eye for detail. She found comfort in creating and began diving deeper within which lead her to gemstones and yoga.

In  the summer of 2015 Naomi went to Kauai, Hawaii and got certified as a 200hr registered yoga teacher. Soon after returning she studied at the Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and graduated as an Ayurvedic Consultant in August of 2016. She has studied the metaphysical and symbolic properties of gemstones vibrations and has used them to enrich her own everyday life. Naomi enjoys teaching classes to children and adults. 

Some of Naomi's hobbies are exploring with her husband Brett and their pug Frank. She enjoys being by the ocean, lakes, walking through the forest, crafting with friends, drinking tea, cooking delicious food to share with others, and continuing a journey of peace while holding a vibration of light.